Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Christmas Decor Ideas- Day 2

Back to Christmas decorating ideas....
I love decorating, especially for Christmas, and I love looking at all the Christmas decorations.
I love to see mailboxes decorated for Christmas! This is such a wonderful way to give people a hint that your house is decorated just as fabulous on the inside as your mailbox is. Plus, it's people's first impression of your decor for Christmas! They see this before they even see the wreath on your front door (exception: if you have 1,000,000 lights on your house, then I'm sure they will be blinded by those instead of your little mailbox)
My mom always did a very elaborate mailbox display at Christmas when I was little, mainly made with fresh magnolia tree leaves and berries. It was beautiful!
Below are some inspiration pictures of mailboxes for Christmas:
Have you done anything to your mailbox?
Such a simple mailbox. Lowe's sells swags of garland.
Simply purchase 2 of them, and tie them on either side of your post.
Add a ribbon at top of each side to cover your wiring to hold them up!

Bigger is better in my opinion. I love how all the fresh garland is incorporated.

This ribbon is all over Columbia!
Lots of people have them on their mailboxes, wreaths, trees, and everything else!
And I love it!

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